Can We Be Loved?
March 15, 2009

We are not easy people to love. Hell, it’s not even all that easy to like us. We know this and we are pretty comfortable with it so there’s very little chance of us changing anything. It just comes with the territory.

Many, many people have tried to love us and failed – some spectacularly, others just barely. But we do appreciate the efforts… in most cases. There are the occasional stalkers and lunatics that tend to be drawn to our orbits. We don’t really appreciate their attempts to love us and we’re quite glad they failed. We read the papers and watch the “True Hollywood Stories.” The way we see it, on a couple occasions we were only steps away from being some crazy-ass dude’s and/or chick’s brand new Brothers Bell coat.

We do feel that or skin would make really awesome coats. We haven’t spent too much time in the sun so the skin isn’t all leathery. We use lotion every day so the skin is soft and moisturized. We are generally not very hairy so cleaning and preparing the skin will be a breeze. And on top of all that, the skin comes pre-designed and decorated. So any potential psychos out there really wouldn’t have a lot of work to do if they skinned us and made a really nice Brothers Bell coat.

But that’s a digression… and a creepy one at that.

Typically it doesn’t take someone very long to realize that we are… different. In fact, most of the time it takes only a couple minutes before people think to themselves “Holy shit these guys are stupid. I’d better get away before I catch what ever weird psychoses these dudes have.” Minutes into a conversation, these people shoot us a look that is 30% annoyance, 30% confusion, 10% anger, 10% unrestrained sexual desire, and 10% pity before departing our presence. These are the lucky ones. These are the people that will never be disappointed with us.

A number of people do take the gamble and try to hang in there for the long run. After thinking to themselves “Holy shit these guys are stupid. I’d better get away before I catch what ever weird psychoses these dudes have,” there are those that ignore the warnings and stick around. Unfortunately, a very large number of these people wash out and eventually realize “Holy shit these guys are really stupid. I should have listened to my initial warning to get away before I catch what ever weird psychoses these dudes have.” We kinda feel bad and almost as though we should apologize but really, people should listen to their internal warnings. That’s how people get mugged. There is more than one similarity between hanging out with us and walking down a poorly lit alley in the middle of the night.

These people eventually realize we aren’t going to change. We will always be the jack-asses that make silly little videos, write funny little new stories, record stupid little songs, draw dumb little pictures, go on crazy little adventures and generally care more about living life than being like everyone else. Some people realize that a little too late. Well after investing a lot of time and energy into getting to know us. It kinda sucks, but again, those warnings you get shouldn’t be ignored.

But let’s be clear about something here. We don’t blame anyone for fleeing. We completely and totally understand. We know that it’s our fault. That’s what we are trying to say here. We know that loving us two guys is really damn hard.

That said, there is the small number of people that just accept us for who we are and have stopped expecting us to be something different. Granted it took some of these people years and years of trying, but they did finally succeed. These people are awesome. And to these awesome people, we say “thanks.” Thanks for sticking around and hopefully it’s been a fun ride and been well worth it.

So to anyone we don’t know yet, or haven’t had the opportunity to meet us, know that there are plenty of reasons to stick around but even more reasons run. Just know that if you do bail, we’ll probably make fun of you behind your back… call it a coping mechanism. That’s just how we roll.