Plans? What plans?
July 01, 2007

Cash? Check.

Good shoes? Check.

A box to put shit in? Check.

Homemade shirts that will stir a sense of awe in others? Check.

A cape? Check.

It’s time for Comic-Con and while you don’t always have to have a plan to enjoy yourself… if you’ve never been it may help. But regardless of how much you prepare, how much you list everything out, how well you’ve mapped out each day – you will be surprised. Shit happens, both good and bad.

But in the end, isn’t that what makes things worth doing? Who wants to see a mystery movie that you already now the entire plot and all the twists or watch a baseball game that you already know the score.

Really, we don’t think that you quite understand what goes on in a place like Comic-Con. You may have an idea. You may think you’re prepared. But you aren’t. Not until you experience it for yourself for the first time. When you first walk onto the convention floor, you are so totally overwhelmed that your mind goes blank. All of your senses are assaulted all at once. There is something interesting to see in every direction. You can barely hear over the thousands of comic book fans discussing who has bigger boobs, She-Hulk or the Blob. And the smells, oh the smells. If you haven’t smelled what thousands of unwashed dorks smell like, then you haven’t lived. Think of what Woodstock must have smelled like then add the odor of stale Mountain Dew and grease – then you would be getting close.

But that is a little bit of a digression and we’re here to talk about preparations and plans.

Last year we thought we had it nailed down. We had a pretty solid plan, but one without a lot of leeway. We’d been to a couple of these little things and had figured “what else could we possible see?” A guy dressed as Snow White wielding a light saber in one hand and a beer in the other was not something we were prepared for. Getting into a premier for a new movie and the subsequent after party was also something we weren’t prepared for. But both those things were awesome. Awe. Some.

If we’d stayed with any pre-conceived plan for the weekend, we’d never have never ended up at either place and we’d never have recorded some of the best memories of our lives.

Now, this year, we have it all figured out. We think. We have an outline of a plan but no plan per se. Instead we have ideas. We have built in options. We have only a couple “must dos.” And most of all, we know that we will open ourselves up for any opportunity that swims by in the sea of dorks.

Plans, in general, are all well and good. But sometimes you just have to make sure the plan doesn’t stop you from missing out on things that make life interesting.