Wear it loud and proud
August 01, 2007

Years of living the lives we live has brought us face to face with a new, albeit welcome realization: there are no rules to life, but there are good ideas.

Let’s give you a nice “for instance.” While there is no rule saying you can’t get a tattoo of a giant wiener across your forehead, it’s probably not a good idea.

Let’s not confuse laws with rules. Laws are mandated by people… people who like telling other people what to do. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (ok, well, sometimes it is), it’s just not what we are talking about. Rules are a comparison to the normative. There really is no grand idea of normal so there really aren’t any rules that apply generally across humanity. Realizing this is never easier then when you attend a comic book convention.

That’s way too deep of a concept coming from us so we’ll stop this tiny little digression and get back to the point.

After our latest jaunt down the isles of Comic-Con, we realized that everyone, and we mean everyone, should play dress up at least twice a year. There’s no rule that says you should or shouldn’t dress up as often as you like but putting on a costume is just a good idea. People in costume look happier then the rest of us. So we say to all you readers out there; show off your inner self that likes dressing up as a teenage school girl with lamb ears and who caries a giant sword. Let that person out!

Important note here: we aren’t saying that seeing such a thing as the above isn’t uncomfortable, on several levels, but seeing the smile and genuine happiness in that guy’s eyes is undeniable. We were there… trust us on this one.

Remember how much you loved Rainbow Bright or that Die Hard guy or even Spider-Man? Make that love more personal and do yourself up a costume and wear it loud and proud. If you have a rough week at work, come home, put on your Wolverine costume and tear shit up. It’ll do wonders for your mental health. Seriously, make yourself some claws, sharpen them up and really tear into something. Just make sure it’s a couch, or wall or something. You probably shouldn’t rip into anything that’s alive, unless you’re trying to emulate Michael Vick. What? Too soon?

When we say that everyone should dress up a couple times a year we of course are factoring in Halloween as one of those said dress up days but a qualification here is that the intentions behind the costume must be pure. You can’t just wear the costume because you want everyone to pay attention to you. So if you wear a costume that shows off your tits (either the male or female variety) in hopes of attracting the attention of every guy or girl at the party, it doesn’t count. Please don’t let this stop you from wearing these types of costumes, especially if you are a smoking hot chick with a super rack, we are just saying that these shouldn’t count as one of your dress-up days. You have to really enjoy the costume and it should make you feel comfortable.

Also, the character you pick should represent something to you and when we say “character” we aren’t just talking about the world of entertainment. J. Edgar Hoover dressed up as a “character” by wearing women’s underwear. That’s totally cool and definitely counts. Do whatever it takes and be whoever it takes to make you feel good, or in Hoover’s case, pretty.

Other than just feeling good, another positive is that dressing up in a costume will also keep you from looking like everyone else and that’s definitely a good thing.

For our own amusement though, we’d like to add a caveat to this whole dress up idea – if you dress up in the same costume as someone else and you cross paths with that other person, you have to fight. The winner gets to keep the costume while the loser must go home or change… or has to kill themselves. Really this boils down to the fact that watching two guys dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow slap-fight for 10 minutes would be totally amazing. But if this did become practice, Scottsdale, AZ, would turn into a riot zone because everyone there, and we mean EVERYONE, looks, dresses and acts identical – which is why they should all really take a time out and dress up like Sponge Bob and fight it out.

So do it. Do it tomorrow. Go get all gussied up in something fun and exciting. That said, dressing up like a teenage school girl with lamb ears probably isn’t a good idea to do with while presenting to the Board of Trustees the fiscal year to date results of the Technology division.

Like we said, there are no rules to playing dress up, but there are some good and bad ideas.