Just a little patience…
September 01, 2007

Learning a new skill when you are our age can be a serious pain in the ass. Especially when the new skill you are trying to pick up is contradictory to ever ounce of your being.

Patience. Apparently it’s a virtue but the only thing we know about it is that it’s seriously hard to do – be patient that is.

Speaking of “seriously,” fuck those Grey’s Anatomy dicks for stealing that word from us. We’ve been using that word way too often and in every situation for 10 years now and all of a sudden that show comes along and steals it from us and now every 20-year-old girl wearing those fuckin’ ugly, big sunglasses is using our word. And worst of all, it makes us look like we’re fans of the show. That shit is just wrong. Screw that show (which we’ve never seen), screw those who watch it and screw the people behind it for stealing our word… seriously.

That’s a serious digression so we’ll exercise some of that patience and return to the task at hand.

So yeah, patience is really hard when all your life you have had the general philosophy of “fuck it.” If things didn’t work out like we wanted or had even hoped, we just said “oh well, that’s good enough.” It’s served us really well up to this point but now things are getting different.

You see, now that we are famous film makers, the “oh well, that’s good enough” mantra isn’t, well, good enough. The films we make, now that we are getting paid for them, are held to a little higher of a standard. We can’t just show up, pull an Ed Wood, and run with it.

And that sucks. Seriously.

We use to do one take, maybe two if we really fucked up the first one and that would be it. The “perfect! Cut. Print. Let’s go to the next shot,” method of film making was all we knew. But as we said, that’s not good enough when you’re getting paid to do it. Now we are forced to have patience and that is really hard to (all of a sudden) have.

Now we are doing four or five takes of each scene but that still isn’t good enough and that sucks. After every take we have to fight ourselves and each other to do more takes when our natural reaction is “good enough. Let’s go get shitfaced.”

So we’ll do what we can. We’ll see if we can adjust. We’ll see if we can turn a lifetime of lazy, impatience around. The important thing is that we try. We know it’s important and we know that if we want this to work, which we so badly do, we need to adapt. Can’t be static all our lives. And that there is the lesson. If you want something, if you really want something, you are going to have to work for it. You can’t just sit there and let it be “good enough” or it will never be anything else.

Like we said, we’re trying, but we make no promises.