The Adventurers
April 20, 2008

It never looks like you are going fast enough. You hope that you are, but as you peer out the tiny little window, you see the ground and the terminal passing slower than you think they really should.

You must be going fast enough because the plane always makes it off the ground. Well, we guess it doesn’t always make it off the ground, but for the sake of argument, we are assuming all the planes you’ve been on have made it off the ground. Because, and again we presume, that if the planes hadn’t made it off the ground, you wouldn’t be reading this. Unless there is internet in heaven but that place doesn’t exist so that’s impossible. We read something once about the fact that most Christians think their pets will be in heaven when they get there. That… well, that just kinda totally contradicts everything Christianity stands for but that’s a topic for another day and our first digression in quite some time.

At any rate, traveling really is one of the best parts of life. You can buy as much stuff (read: shit) as you want but if you don’t experience anything than you haven’t really lived. Now granted, you don’t have to travel to have adventures and experience life but traveling sure makes it easy because by traveling you are in fact having experiences and adventures. It’s kind of a A = B, B = C, A = C thing. But we aren’t mathematicians so we aren’t a hundred percent sure what the hell that means.

As this column is being written, one of us, we’ll let you guess which one, is on our way back from Germany. According to the little screen on the seat, the plane is somewhere over the Greenland. We guess you could call Germany our Motherland as we (both, naturally) have roots over there somewhere. We aren’t sure and honestly, we don’t really care because we both still wish we were Canadian.

Work was done in Germany and not much play but it still counts as an adventure. Forced out of our element, we had experiences that have changed us. What changed the most was the wardrobe of the one of us that was involved in this particular trip. The change was forced by the god damned airlines as they conspired to ruin an adventure. But even in this conspiracy, the adventure became greater making a some what routine trip abroad an entirely new experience all together.

You see, the airlines, we aren’t sure which is to blame because there were several involved in the trip, lost one of our bags. The bastards. One bag was checked. Just one because we don’t trust the airlines although we had previously never had a bag go missing. Having some foresight, maybe even a premonition, the bag that ended missing contained nothing terribly important, just some work stuff and some clothes. The rest of the clothes and the really important things were carried on the plane and stayed safe above our head.

When we got to Frankfurt it didn’t take long to realize the bag was missing. “Sonofabitch” was muttered louder than it should have been and a complaint was filed. But because one of us was there for work, fancy clothes were required and only half of what was needed made it to Frankfurt. So once at our final destination, new clothes were purchased and 100 phone calls were made over the next couple days hoping for information on the missing bag. It eventually made it but that’s not the point.

The point is that even when you aren’t looking for them, adventures happen. They happen as long as you let them happen. They happen as long as you get up, get out of your chair, turn of the computer (after reading the rest of The Scoop of course) and go do something. Do something even if you are afraid the fucking airlines loose your bag.